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Car Aid, Rhynie

Project undertaken by Rhynie Charitable Trust, a Scottish Registered Charity SC037455

and has been up and running since 29th June 2009 thanks to the generosity of Rhynie Charitable Trust and the local people, including a £1000 grant from Marr Area Partnership.

The aim of the organisation is to fill the gaps where their is no transport provided by the hospital transport service.
Due to cut backs it has become a problem for patients to get to certain clinics and CAR will be able to provide transport if required. If the surgery is unable to arrange transport  they will ask the patient to contact the CAR organiser who will arrange for a volunteer driver.
This service also provides transport to clinics at Rhynie Medical Practice if the patient has no other means of getting there
Patients will be given an envelope by their driver and can give a donation if they wish.
All drivers are covered by liability insurance  have had Disclosure checks, possess a clean driving licence and are comprehensive insured.
Fund raising will be ongoing in order to sustain this service.




Some of the journey's taken by our volunteers


News Update

Car Aid would like to thank Catriona Dempster,Megan Hunter,Andrew Rough and Jamie Webster from The Gordon Schools who chose Car Aid Rhynie as their charity when they  competed in the final of the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative funded by The Wood Family Trust. The committee are delighted that they not only highlighted the work of Car Aid but as winners received a cheque for £3000 which is a tremendous boost to our fund


Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held on Tuesday 30th October

 Dr Margaret Hamilton opened the meeting

 The treasurer’s report showed a balance of £5975.84.

Kate Hunter reported that CAR has been busy this past year. Two of our drivers have retired and Bill Gordon has joined the team of drivers.

Both our chairperson Dr Margaret Hamilton and the secretary Elizabeth Moss have also retired.

The new committee were elected as follows

Chairman Dr Poul Ipsen

Secretary Hilary Ridge

Treasurer Averil Stewart

Organiser Kate Hunter

Committee Eileen Burton Mary Duncan, Bill Gordon, Paul Manning Lynn & Colin Mumford, Brian Stewart, Bill Robson.

We would like to thank all who donated and supported us over the past year. Your support is very much appreciated

We are still hoping to recruit more drivers and will welcome anyone who can spare a few hours.


Over the past two years patients of Rhynie Medical Practice have used CAR to attend a variety of appointments in Alford, Aberdeen, Elgin, Huntly, Insch and Inverurie as well as transport to clinics at the local surgery. Over the months we have averaged twelve journeys per month some months being busier than others.

The cost of providing this service over the past year has been approximately £2550, this includes liability insurance, telephone expenses, stationery and mileage payments to our volunteer drivers. To sustain this service we have held various fund raising events.  A special thank you for  donations from members of the public who have given so generously Our thanks also goes to all users who have given donations towards the cost of their travel and to the drivers for their help and support to maintain this transport.

Anyone who would like to volunteer as a driver should contact Kate Hunter on 01464 861413 for more details

The AGM was held on Wednesday 10th November

Dr Margaret Hamilton welcomed all present and the Treasurer and Organiser gave their annual reports followed by a discussion with the volunteer drivers.

It was decided to update and distribute the information leaflet and to print small cards with the relevant phone number and information for the patients.

   The committee was re-elected  with the addition of Brian Stewart.

Minutes of AGM meeting: 16th November 2011

Those present: Margaret Hamilton, Kate Hunter, Elizabeth Moss,
Paul Manning, Mary Duncan, Averil Stewart, Brian Stewart, Bill Robson, Hilary Ridge, Eileen Burton, Elma Yeats
Nick Bryant sends his apologies.

1. Margaret Hamilton opened the meeting and thanked Car Aid on behalf of the practice.
2. Averil Stewart informed the meeting of the financial situation to date. The charity is sitting reasonably well at present with a balance of £6051.49 in the account. This was taken to end Oct to tie in with the Rhynie Charitable Trust finacial year. Going forward this will be the year end for Car Iad too.
There was an average output of £171 and average donations of £91.
3. a) Kate informed the group that there has been increased use from Lumsden due to the bus change of timetable.
b)We have refused one person the use of the service due to abusive   behaviour. Eileen asked if we could be informed prior to journey if there was a possibility of passenger problems. Generally the situation has been ok but drivers have the right to remove passengers from the car if there is any abuse.
c) Drivers are not allowed to push chairs etc. It is up to the passenger to make arrangements for this.
d) It was agreed that we would take passengers on one way journeys if bus timetables allowed and we are taking more passengers for dental and optician appointments.
d) We have a new driver on the team – Mr Mumford.
e) At present we pay 35p per mile but this will be increased to 40p from December. Kate will also check what the top figure (45p?) is before drivers are liable to pay tax.
f)Kate thanked Brian and Elizabeth for minding the phones while she was away.
g) Kate needs everyone’s mobile phone no.
4. Drivers comments:-
a) Brian questioned what was the situation? if a passenger could not use a seat belt. There needs to be a letter of exemption and Margaret will look into this.
b) Should drivers receive parking tickets due to non availability of parking spaces then Car Aid will take up with the appropriate authority.

c) The meal for the drivers has been set for Friday December 16th. Averil and Brian will organise this. It is to be held at 14 the Square Rhynie. All drivers +1 are invited along with members of the committee. Car Aid will provide the food but drivers need to bring their own drinks.
5. The constitution states that all members of the committee must stand down at year end and Paul raised the motion for all office bearers to remain the same with Brian seconding the motion. Therefore the following were then elected for this coming year:-
Margaret Hamilton – Chair person
Kate Hunter             - Organiser
Averil Stewart          - Treasurer
Elizabeth Moss         - Secretary
Paul Manning )
Mary Duncan )        - Committee members
Brian Stewart  )
6. Fundraising will be dealt with by the committee as needed.

A Get Together of volunteers and partners was held in Fourteen on Friday 16th December 2011

A lovely buffet meal was provided by Averil and Brian Stewart and everyone enjoyed the chance to relax and have a chat.


Rhynie (Medical Practice)






The coverage is similar of that of the Rhynie Medical Practice


Chairperson- Dr Poul Ipsen

Secretary- Mrs Hilary Ridge

Treasurer- Mrs Averil Stewart

Organiser-Mrs Kate Hunter


Eileen Burton, Mary Duncan,

Bill Gordon, Paul Manning, 

Lynn & Colin Mumford,

Brian Stewart, Bill Robson

Fund Raising

  • 23/05/2013 18:52

    Soup and Sweet

    The committee would like to thank you for your support at our annual Soup and Sweet and for the generous donations received including money, baking, produce and bottles for the stalls, raffles, the very tasty soups and sweets and the hard working volunteers who helped on the day. We are very...

  • 21/03/2013 13:17

    Donation from Sandy Boyne and Family

    Thank you to Sandy and family for the generous donation of £125. Car Aid being one of the charities chosen to benefit from the collection at Helen's funeral.

  • 27/01/2013 00:00

    Tom's Party

    Thank you to Tom for donating £400 raised at his 50th birthday party

  • 28/11/2012 18:35


    Thank you to North Centre Caravan Club,David Findlater,Mrs M Beverly and the staff at Rhynie Medical Practice for their donations

  • 21/06/2012 12:54

    Hypnotist Evening

    Thank you to Brian and Averil for donating £252.51 part of the proceeds raised at the Hypnotist Evening.

  • 13/06/2012 21:20

    Fund Raising 2012

    The Soup and Sweet held on 28th April raised 2012 and we received a cheque for £500 from Cairnmore Community Fund. We also had donations from Dr James Taylor and Mrs M Beverly Snr Thank you all for your support

  • 18/11/2011 10:36

    Fund Raising Update

    The committee would like to thank Mrs M Beverly,Noth Parish Church,Kylie and Rhona,Andrew Hunter & The Gordon Arms Hotel for their generous donations. £400 was  raised at the Gala . Thank you to all who helped with the arrangements and on the stalls  

  • 25/05/2011 11:17

    Soup and Sweet

     The Soup and Sweet held on Saturday 21st May raised £776.85.The committee would like to thank you for your support and for the generous donations received including money,produce and bottles for the stalls, raffles,the very tasty soups and sweets and the hard working volunteers who helped on...

  • 25/05/2011 11:10

    Car Boot Sale

    The committee would like to thank the Gordon Arms Hotel for the £154 donation received from the Car Boot Sale they held on on the 1st May    

  • 07/10/2010 09:33

    David Knight Hypnotist

    Thanks to all who helped and supported the hilarious and entertaining  show on Saturday 2nd October. A total of £885.50 was raised which was divided between Rhynie Online and Car Aid.

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Whats Covered 

Hospital Admissions

Hospital Clinic Appointments

GP Surgery

Chiropody Appointments and Surgery

Insch Day Hospital

Optician and Dentist

Compassionate Needs (At descression of service)




  • 24/04/2013 14:10


    Kate Hunter 01464 861413

Rhynie Community Facilities Development Charitable Trust Registered in Scotland: SC309832

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