Rhynie Gala has now been part of our yearly calendar for over 30 years which is a great achievement for a small community and is still going strong!  This is obviously as a result of a great committee and our many loyal helpers and supporters who turn up from far and wide.  The Gala hosts a wealth of entertainment over the weekend which always starts on the Thursday Night with a Fashion Show, Cookery Event or the like.  Friday sees the 5-a-side Football, BBQ, Tug-of-War and the Marquee Disco.  The main Gala on Saturday, which is a free event, includes the Tap O Noth Hill Race and in 2013 we held one of the short races in the Scottish Hill Runners Championship which saw 150+ runners.  You will also see a local Pipe Band, Highland Dancing, Baking, Flower and Vegetable Competitions and usual stalls.  There are many displays and over the years we have had Belly Dancing, Wrestling, Skip to the Beat, Decibel Drummers, Fire Brigade, Sweet Adelines, Drakes of Hazzard and many more.  The Gala ends with a Marquee Dance and live music.

                            The Gala was set up by a group of Rhynie Residents and their aims were to hold a yearly Gala to raise money for the Organisations associated with Rhynie.  To be a member you have to sit on the Committee and attend the Meetings, sell Raffle Books or Tickets, for any Gala event, have a Stall on the day of the Gala, etc.  The Treasurer then has the Accounts audited and usually in September/October the AGM is held and it is then decided what sum each group will be awarded from the profits.  This can be anything from £300 to £500 each and there can be 13 to 16 groups on the Committee.  If there are items to be purchased for the running of the Gala then we keep back money for this.  An example is that we purchased our own Toilet Blocks in 2012 saving us a yearly sum of £1,200+.

                           So who are the Organisations?   The Gala has 13 Groups on the Committee, at the moment, and they are:- Brownies, Rainbows, Parent Teacher Council, Car Aid, WRI, Masons, Noth Parish Church, Rhynie Online, Rhynie Youth and Community Club, Sunday School, Rhynie Charitable Trust, Babies and Toddlers, Rhynie Primary Nursery and the first time for 2014 The Grampian Microlight Flying Club.

                           The money which the above receive enables each group to help with the running of their club and this can be, for instance, in the case of the Parent Teacher Council (previously called PTA), to help fund the School’s swimming lessons or bus expenses.  In Car Aid’s case this might help pay for their petrol expenses, insurance costs, phone bill or the like so that they can transport patients to hospital, dental or other form of medical appointments.  The Brownies, likewise, rely on their money to perhaps pay for the Hall Let or similar.  Each Organisation will have their own story on how the Gala has supported them.   Over the years there have been other groups on the Committee and they have been the Beavers, Guides (these two are no longer in existence), St Mary’s Church, British Legion and the Surgery Fund which enabled the Doctors to purchase medical equipment.

                            Therefore, it is very important that we do our best to put on a good gala, sell the raffle books and raise as much money as possible which, in turn, is fed to the foregoing Organisations.

                            The Gala Committee also hold a Xmas Party for all the children from age 0 to Primary 7.  We are also responsible for the lovely Xmas Tree and Lights you see in the Square and the youngest and oldest from the School have the honour of switching these on.

We also support many of the events in the Village by lending our equipment.  As we have our own Stage, the School borrows this for their Productions/Shows and they also borrow the BBQ for their Tournaments and so forth.  The Coffee Mornings requires our Coffee Pots, tables, chairs, or any other items, that we can help them out with.  All-in-all the Gala plays a big part in the Community in various ways. 

                            If a Group is in trouble, or is starting out, then the Gala will help them out all that they can. 

                            When August comes round we are always looking for volunteers and if you have any spare time to give we need help in the Tea Tent, Gala Bars, BBQ, setting up and tidying up, Hill Race co-ordinators, sandwich making, selling raffles, putting up the bunting and so forth.  If you can help please get in touch with

 Anne Lyne at The Corner Shop.  Tel – 01464 861203 or email at annelyne@mypostoffice.co.uk.






















Anne Lyne

Tel:01464 861203


Geordie Gordon

Tel:01464 861665


Rhynie Community Facilities Development Charitable Trust Registered in Scotland: SC309832

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