Noth Camera Club

At its January meeting the Club decided to move into the 21st Century!  Instead of having regular monthly meetings, the Club is going virtual by utilising a Facebook page called 'Noth Camera Club'.  Current Facebook users will have to do no more than search/add the club to their news feed.  But those who do not have a Facebook account you can access the page from here  .



Anyone unfamiliar with Facebook  or accessing the web,is welcome to contact either Colin  or Hayley ( for assistance in creating/using a Facebook account if required.  The FB group will allow members to ask/offer advice on photography matters, place photographs online for comment and viewing  and also to arrange meetings & topics online at a time to suit those interested in coming along.  So if you'd like to keep in touch and to find out when future meetings are going to be, please look for the Facebook group page ‘Noth Camera Club’

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