Tap O' Noth

The Tap o' Noth is a hill fort on top of the Hill of Noth, by Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.Standing at 562mtr it is the second highest fort in Scotland and its main feature is its well-preserved vitrified wall which encloses an area of approximately 100 m by 30 m.



The "Tap" as it is locally known can be seen from all over Aberdeenshire, and is as much a symbol of Rhynie as the picturesque Square and Church.


Rhynie Man


Rhynie is also the place where the Rhynie Man was discovered in 1978, ploughed up at Barflat Farm by a local farmer Gavin Alston This is a six–foot boulder depicting the figure of a man clad in some sort of sleeved garment that comes to his knee. In the depiction, he seems to be walking and carrying an axe. It is believed to date back to about 700 A.D. making him the oldest man in Aberdeenshire.



The Rhynie Man  can be currently found at Aberdeenshire Council, Woodhill House in Aberdeen, with a replica on display in the village school.

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Tap O' Noth

Rhynie Old Kirkyard

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A historian is required for the web site anyone interested please contact us .Old photographs and newspaper cutting would also be of help.

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