2014 08 16 thru 

Added weather app to home and information page.

Added link on photo page to rhynie-online Facebook page.

Added Gala Results to "This year" Gala Tab.

Added This Years Photo's to Past Gala's Tab.

Added Latest Noth News.




2014 08 10 00:00

Local Businesses Tab

Revised Brown & Brown Graphic.

Local Groups Tab

Added > Brownies Tab, 

Revised Bowling Tab > Added Youth Bowling Advert. 

Revised Car Aid Rhynie - Added 2012 - 13 Trip information.

Revised WRI Tab  Added Office Bearers for 2014 - 15, added next two meeting Agenda's (more to Follow)

Revised Tap ONoth CC - Added latest Minutes.

 Information Tab

Added > Other Local Web Pages Tab.

Moved "Classified" to here from "Home Page"

Re - Ordered Tab Entries.


2014 07 27  00:00

Gala 2013 Tab 

Corrected Photo player for last entries.

History > photo Tab

Straightend "Here Photo"


2014 07 26. 00:00 

Home Page.

 Added "Town Hall" Photo's and Video Presentation.

2014 07 15. 00:00

Contact Us Page.

 File is no longer a mandatory requirement.


2014 06 28 00:00

Major Changes Since Last Time.
Due to a system restriction, the Menu Bar has a finite width, if we exceede those, items over the limit disappear. With this update I have moved items around, so that all major items appear on the Menu Bar.
Home Page.
Removed Ref to Change Log and Useful Numbers to information Tab.
History Page.
Added War Memorial Tab, Added new photo's to photo page. These photo's are shown with thanks to Ian Murry for permission to use them.
Local Groups
Moved Rhynie Women to here, updated all entires where nesessary.
Gala Tab
Added new photo's for 2013 Gala, Tap O'noth Hill Race and Tug O' War.  All photo's with the permission of our resident Photographer Haley Keane.
Information (New Tab)
Added Bus/ Train Timetables, Change log revised, Useful Contacts (moved here), added other local web pages.
Contact Us
Revised data and telephone number's.


Added The Survey Results to News and Forum Page.


Added Tap O'Noth Hill Race Results for Past Years.



2014 02 28 00:00
Change Log.  The changes below are the first steps to bring www.rhynie.net up to date in preparation for the re-launch (date tbe). 

Home page Tab;

Added new link for Events Notice Board and Change Log

Rhynie Woman Tab:

All New Content. Added Link to Face Book.

Photo's Tab:

 All New photo's 

Businesses Tab:

Deleted Strahbogie Vet, Tap O' Noth Fudge. Revised B&G Beverly  Heading.

Local Groups Tab:

 All New Tabs for - Fourteen, Noth Camera Club, Noth News, Tap O 'Noth Community Council.

Gala Tab:

All New Tabs for  2014, Photo's From Past Gala's with some new Photo's, Revised Gala Board Members.

New Pages for:

Event Notice, Change Log, Fourteen, Noth Camera Club, Noth News, Tap O'Noth Community Council, 

Rhynie Community Facilities Development Charitable Trust Registered in Scotland: SC309832

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