Rhynie Gala Committee

Chairman - G.Gordon

Vice-Chairman - G.Beverly and RCT

Treasurer - A.Lyne

Secretary - A.Lyne

Catering Co-Ordinator - A.Beverly

Marquee Co-Ordinator - J.Duncan

Press Secretary - P. Beverly

The remainder of the committee is populated by representitives from the following orgainsations in the village:

Brownies, Rainbows, Parent Teacher Council, Car Aid, WRI, Masons, Noth Parish Church, Rhynie Online, Rhynie Youth and Community Club, Sunday School, Rhynie Charitable Trust, Babies and Toddlers, Rhynie Primary Nursery.

Rhynie Gala welcomes any new members to the committee and also anybody willing to help - Help is always very much appreciated.

Rhynie Community Facilities Development Charitable Trust Registered in Scotland: SC309832

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